By Emma Burgess, Jul 15 2015 01:48PM

At 44 I'm still a virgin. Festival virgin, that is. Like Mariah Carey with stairs (disappointingly apocryphal), I don't do crowds. So I guess the closest I'll ever get to my bit of Glasto glam is 1) being married to a drummer and 2) writing this cute little fashion 'how-to' for House of Fraser, produced and directed by Shoot The Company.

The client originally wanted a bit of cheeky innuendo (think Eurotrash, Mrs Mills etc.). My first submission was so vulgar, I actually blushed whilst hitting the 'send' button. It raised a laugh though. Thankfully my smut-filter is back from the menders, so here it is ... Invitation to Festival, for House of Fraser.

Fashion tips aside, if you feel compelled to share your portaloo traumas with me I'm a pretty good listener.

Bye for now.


15th July 2015

By Emma Burgess, Jun 24 2015 10:02AM


This section has been woefully empty for too long - not for a lack of news, but an embarrassing inability to remember my password. Moving on...

I worked on a handful of online ads for House of Fraser recently (with Shoot The Company, a lovely bunch of people in Clerkenwell who make brilliant, creative video content for all sorts). The 'Invitation to' series is packed full of style tips to ensure the HoF customer stands out from the crowd. In a good way. Not like a sore thumb.

Here is the first one - Invitation to The Prom. Hope you like it. *looks wistfully through window searching for shareable memories of long-lost youth, but finds only images of Clearasil and the Benetton t-shirts it bleached*

I'll post the others soon.

Toot toot.


24th June 2015

P.S. 'The Eagle Has Landed' (1977) was the first film I remember seeing at the cinema. I was 6. I guess 'Wombling Free' had sold out. If you were taken to see any inappropriate films as a child, I'd love to know.